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WOW! GreenStalk Vertical Garden Potato Harvest 2021

Looking for a New Garden to plant? This is One you Need to See.


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Three months ago, we planted Red La Soda potatoes, Superior White potatoes, and Adirondack Blue potatoes, in our GreenStalk stackable gardening system, and now we are finally able to harvest them and see how growing potatoes in a vertical garden had gone. We are very pleased with our GreenStalk planter, and this harvest did not disappoint. It was our first time growing these potato varieties, and we really wanted to see how well they would do in the green stalk. As we suspected, some varieties performed better than others, and some tiers performed better than others, but like our friend Geeky Gardens' results, we were pleased by the results. We hope you enjoy this vertical garden harvest and are inspired to try out your own GreenStalk vertical garden using the GreenStalk garden coupon link above.


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