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Nothing beats a Magic Molly Purple Potato Harvest!

Can you grow potatoes in containers? What are magic molly potatoes? Why purple potatoes?

At Guten Yardening GROWING potatoes and sweet potatoes is a PASSION. As a matter of fact, growing our own food is our passion and potatoes and sweet potatoes hold a special place.

100 days ago, we planted our first ever crop of Magic Molly Purple Potatoes in 50 gallon food safe plastic drums. This provides us with a total of about 22 square feet of growing space. This is the second time we have grown potatoes in this style, and the results this time are better than we have ever seen! Magic Molly potatoes are a relatively new variety that were developed in 2007, and they are a vigorous plant. The stems on this variety are the largest we have seen, and from this harvest, you will see that each plant has large production capabilities. The potatoes themselves have a deep purple (almost black) looking skin, and an incredible deep purple interior. We are harvesting now, even though there is still some green left on the stems because we are moving on to our next set of crops, and we have a large number of potatoes growing in other mediums and styles around our property. We are confident that you will love these potatoes if you give them a try.

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